Before I left London for South Africa, I was given the name of a South African Tantra teacher by a good friend of mine. He thought I’d be interested in what she offered. He was right. Browsing through her website, I thought that I’d like to attend one of her workshops. The events page was blank with no upcoming workshops on offer. I became annoyed. Why would I be told about this person only for her to be unavailable to me?


After some internet investigating, I learned that she was recovering from surgery and wasn’t doing any teaching at the time. While I felt compassion towards her and her healing, the annoyance remained in the background. I still wondered why I was led to her when she wasn’t available to me.

Then, two months into my stay in Cape Town, I was guided very strongly to heal my sexuality. Those are the words I was given. Heal your sexuality. These are the words that spoke to me and I heeded them. Once again, I ventured onto the teacher’s website and that’s when I found (what I now believe) it.

A list of recommended teachers and practitioners. I reached out to one of the practitioners whose profile resonated with me and we set up our first appointment.

At the same time, I bought the book Sexual Awakening for Women by Shakti Malan. Between reading this book and my sessions with Carey, the counsellor I found on the website, I’ve come to know that part of what I need to do is facilitate groups where women can come together to discuss and work through this powerful workbook.

I invite you to join me in this journey of spiritual awakening through exploring female sexuality.

Groups will start in 2017.