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I first heard of dōTERRA oils in April 2016 via a US blogger when she offered a webinar to those following her blog. The subject was essential oils and how they can be used in the home. It was the beginning of a love affair and I set off looking for dōTERRA in the UK but I didn't have much luck finding any info.

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essential oils


Fast forward a few weeks after the webinar and, at the London Wellness Festival, I nearly cried when I saw a dōTERRA stand. I even hugged Rochelle when I approached her for more details (who am I kidding? I did cry). She let me sample some of the oils and I was hooked. A few weeks later, I attended a webinar she hosted and I soon realised the incredible benefits they would bring to me, Myka and our home.


Purest choice

Essential oils are not regulated (which is no fault of the companies themselves, but rather a government choice!), so it is very hard to be sure you are getting the purest form. I have slowly been reassured though that dōTERRA (through rigorous, ethical growing and processing techniques, as well as in-depth testing, including using a third party for the final tests) are indeed of the highest grade. The CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) standard they have chosen to abide by has been put in place so they can say with utmost confidence that these oils are 100% pure, and beyond organic due to the way they are grown (essentially they are as close to wild as possible).

Most essential oils you buy only need to contain a small percent of the oil they say they are and are often topped up with fillers, carrier oils, and cheaper oils, not to mention they are often adulterated and can frequently contain chemicals and pesticides. Whether you choose to put these oils in your bath, diffuse them, or apply them directly into your skin, they go into your blood system, and then beyond that into your cells, so you must ensure their purity. dōTERRA oils are so pure you can take them internally, and this is where I started to get really excited.

I don’t use conventional medicine for us unless I absolutely have to. For example, I let Myka run a fever because it is so important for her immune system to be able to do so to fight infection. However, of course, there comes a point where it can become dangerous, and as such, I am thrilled to be able to first turn to Peppermint Essential Oil to help reduce her fever. We managed to nip the flu in the bud with the On Guard Essential Oil Blend, as well as Oregano Essential Oil and the Breathe Essential Oil Blend.

These oils are the plants' natural immunity, and in using only the purest version of the oils, we too can benefit from this immune strengthening power.

It is SO liberating and empowering for me to have these oils in my home now – my natural medicine cabinet. Diet and lifestyle will always be my absolute priority in terms of ensuring the short and long-term health of my family, but it is wonderful to know that I now have a safe and effective way to support our bodies further. And this isn’t anything new of course…these oils have been around for thousands of years…it is just yet another example of ancient wisdom that we have lost sight of in modern society – but I am happy to say it is having a renaissance, and I am so thrilled to be part of that.

If you would like to try these oils then you are able to buy the oils directly from my dōTERRA website, and I will, of course, support you with their use. However, whether you are planning on using these wonderful oils in your home personally, or in a professional capacity, then you are ultimately better off setting up an account to receive wholesale prices (-25% retail price). I can talk you through this if you are interested to learn more.

For more information about these oils, and if you have further questions then please do contact me.

*PLEASE NOTE – these oils are very powerful. It is one of the reasons I love them so much, as they have so much power to heal, but I have a huge respect for their potency, and I would encourage everyone who uses them to have the same respect. I would never assume to recommend dosages myself, and I feel strongly you should also not self-prescribe dosages. I can direct you to guidelines (set by experts) on how to use these oils, so please do ask, or conduct your own thorough research online, or in specialist books.*