I recently started a Reiki course. It’s not the average one or two day per level course. Each level is done over three months and it covers so much more than Reiki. I was attuned to Reiki level 2 about 7 years ago and already in these three weeks, I have learned so much.

Week 3 of the course is Protection week and we look at various ways to protect ourselves energetically. We are also invited to take a shamanic journey (meditation) to meet our guardian spirit animal/s.

I’ve found it difficult to dedicate a fixed amount of time to this course (Spirit School) due to being with Baby Girl all day every day, except on weekends. So last night, even though it was already late, I decided to do the journey. Something was urging me to go and meet my spirit animals.

With a drumming track playing just loud enough to not disturb Baby Girl, and Vyana in one ear, softly guiding the start of the journey, I was transported. I made my way to the Lower World via a tree (I’m not sure if it’s real) that I visualised in Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa. I made my way there and when I arrived in Lower World, I was greeted by an ancestor, a bushman (the San people). He led me to a fallen tree trunk to sit and wait for my spirit animal.

Owl appeared. Wow! Since the weekend, I’ve been seeing owls. Not live ones but in fabrics, ornaments, books. Maybe these were the signs to show Owl’s presence? No such thing as coincidence. Owl’s message to me was this

“What you seek is already within you.”


I thanked Owl and then the ancestor returned. This time he had a snake around his neck which he handed to me. This was a surprise. Until very recently, I was terrified of snakes. Until a few months ago when we were at a place called Monkey Town and someone came out of the reptile centre with a very big snake and Baby Girl ran to go and touch it. Immediately, and without thinking, I had to dissolve that fear in order to ensure Baby Girl’s safety. I came face to face with that snake and it was gone. Thanks Baby Girl. So there I was, in this journey, holding Snake. The communication?

“I’ve always been with you. I needed to you overcome your fear before I could reveal myself to you. You weren’t ready before”

Double wow! I couldn’t even watch snakes on the TV and now I’m told that Snake has been with me all along.


After that encounter, I felt it was time to leave. I asked my ancestor if he had a message for me. Of course he did.

“You have to learn our ways.”

Of course I do. This is in my blood. In my lineage. These are my ways. So it is.

Blessings and thanks for reading ❤

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