My mum arrived on holiday on 2nd August. Everyday she was exposed to my doTERRA essential oils as I usually have my diffuser going. On Friday 5th August, she was suffering with diarrhea and vomiting. I consulted with my doTERRA group for advice with  oils to assist and proceeded to treat my mom with the oils. By the Saturday, she was still very ill and I got her an appointment with a doctor at A&E.

Within hours of her arriving at hospital and various tests done, she was admitted to ICU and I was told that she’s ‘quite sick’. The following day, Sunday, I felt quite light as I went to visit her. I was wearing some oils, I forget which one, and had picked some crystals to take with me.

On entering the ward, mum was awake, I made light of how scary things were the night before and she asked me to cover her as she was cold. I turned to ask the nurse to move the blankets as I didn’t want to disturb all the pipes and then mum started gasping for breath. Alarms went off on the machine. I got pushed out of the way. It was bad. I started screaming, crying and shaking. I was scared. Was this it? It couldn’t be it. Not like this.

Three generations of smilers

A wonderful nurse called Grace led me out of the ward to a special room. She fetched me tissues and water and sat with me as I wailed. She asked me about my family. Urged me to call someone so I had company. She held my hands. She held the space for me through the uncertainty of what was happening.

Three generations of smilers

I was informed later that I had witnessed my mum going into cardiac arrest. And that she had another one after that but ‘at least’ her heart didn’t stop the second time. I was also informed that she was suffering with kidney failure and needed to go on dialysis but dialysis was causing the cardiac arrest. They were going to try dialysis a third time (but a different mix of drugs) and asked if we wanted to see mum before they did it. The unspoken words were ‘just in case’.

Thankfully the new dialysis worked successfully and I could go and see mum. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Mum was so swollen like someone had pumped her up like a balloon. She had pipes and needles everywhere, even one in her throat. They had asleep. Euphemism for coma.

That night I wondered if I had contributed to this condition. Was I too arrogant about my amazing oils?

A selection of my doTERRA oils

The next day, and everyday after that, I wore the doTERRA Peace blend as my perfume. I sat by her bedside from 1pm – 8pm talking to her, reading to her, laying hands on her to send her healing. Without thinking, when people asked me how I was doing, my answer always ended with something along the lines of, ‘but underneath it all, I have a sense of peace.’

Baby Girl asleep in hospital

A week later, she was out of the coma. Then after that she came off dialysis. I mixed her a special blend of oils with coconut oil to use as a moisturiser in hospital. With mum awake and alert, doctors and nurses would visit her and tell her how amazed they were with her recovery. A doctor told her it was amazing she’s alive. A nurse told her that it was a miracle that she actually walked into the hospital by herself given how ill she was.

After 4 weeks in hospital, she was discharged. Her arms looked battered and bruised and we treated them with oils and they completely healed. Tired backs, bramble scratched arms, swollen ankles, insomnia…all treated with the oils. I even overheard my dad on the phone to my brother in South Africa saying, ‘those oils of Michelle are amazing!’ 🙂

Always smiling

I chose to believe in miracles that Sunday. Looking back though, I also choose to believe in the possibility that the oils were supporting my mum even before she entered hospital. I also believe in the possibility that the healing I sent her helped create a miracle.

Mom’s first trip out

Blessing and thanks for reading ❤

  1. What a wonderful post, a reaffirmation that healing comes from love and intuition. You have been gathering all of these elements in your healers tool box and there is nobody better than your mom to experience this with you. Both of you are truly blessed and I am so glad that your mom is happy and continues to heal.

  2. Michelle, I am blown away. This experience with your Mum was incredibly scary to say the least. But, through it all you maintained a sense of peace and knowing that all would be well. The continued use of the healing oils, your healing hands and your love were a source of reassurance that was vital for her at that time. It was what she needed most at that time. I hope these oils will be available here in SA soon. I must admit I don’t know much about the use of aromatherapy oils. I need to find out more but I have a great belief in their natural healing properties and benefits. Have you ever read anything about David Crowe? Check out his website sometime! Lots of love.💗

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