Everything happens for a reason.

Man, did I hate it when anyone said these words to me. Surely this couldn’t be true? Surely the crap that happens in one’s life can’t be explained away by just this one short statement.

Later, as I got older and dare I say, wiser, I learned that this statement is in fact true. Today, however, while listening to a podcast, the penny dropped. It finally made sense why I now accept this statement is something that I apply in my life. In the podcast, one of the two presenters said something along these lines…the statement needs to be the beginning of the conversation, not just said and then that’s the end of it. Mind blown! The reason why I’d get peeved at having this said to me is that there wasn’t the exploration after to explore the REASON why said thing has happened. In the past, it was just: it happened, there’s a reason, the end.

Now that I understand myself more and feel I have a better understanding of how life (according to me) works, I explore the reason. I am curious. I know there’s a bigger picture. I don’t see the WHY immediately but I trust that it’s there and that no matter how bad things seem, I know that everything is working for me and not against me. Before, when that statement marked the end of the discussion, it was frustrating. Now, it’s just the beginning. I look for clues showing me the connection. Expanding my awareness as to why something has happened. In this way, I can move forward through the mystery.

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