Guided Journey Meditation


I recently received a recording of a guided journey meditation to meet my SHE-Power goddess. [If you want to know more about what I’m talking about you can read about it here.] On new year’s eve, after putting Baby Girl to bed, midnight getting closer and me in a really tumultuous emotional state, I decided this was a good time to do this meditation.

Lisa introduced the meditation and her Viking husband did the drumming to accompany her voice prompts. Wowzers! It may be that I’m doing a lot of work in relation to my sexuality and base chakra but I’ve never felt drumming so strongly before down there. I felt the drumming in my base chakra. I felt my perineum responding to the beat of the drum. So, yeah, that was new for me.

I met my SHE-Power goddess and asked her three questions…

Q1. How do I step into my power?

A1. Believe and know. The power is within me. The wisdom is within me.

Q2. How do I deal with my (ex) husband? [we were having a particularly bad run and I’d been pushing him without being mindful of his state of mind. In other words, I wasn’t acting compassionately towards him.]

A2. Leave him be. Let him live out this part of his journey without distraction or interruption from me. He’s not mine.

Q3. Body acceptance…how?

A3. I’m perfect just as I am.

At this point, Lisa started bringing the journey to a close and the drumming started calling me back. That was what I needed and I got answers to my questions. It was only 15 minutes and sometimes that’s all you need. I was completely calm, feeling blessed and my heart filled with compassion as I entered the new year.

Blessings & thanks for reading x


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