For as long as I can remember, I haven’t remembered most of my dreams. When I do remember them, I write them down. I have about 10 dream recalls that I’ve written over the past 8 years. When my husband told me about his lucid dreaming experiences, it sounded so exciting. But how could I experience (and remember) lucid dreams when I was having trouble remembering stock standard ones?

A week ago, I had a long Skype session with an astrologer who did my natal chart and she spoke about my dreams. When I responded that I didn’t  remember my dreams when I woke up, her reply was, “Then you have to ask for it.” She gave me a simple statement to repeat aloud three times before going to bed,

Tonight I choose to remember my dreams.

That seemed simple enough to say at night. She also said to keep my dream journal handy so that I didn’t have to scratch around for it while the memory was still fresh. Her last piece of dream recall advice was to not turn my head when I woke. Apparently turning your head disturbs your mind and your dream memory will disappear.

The first couple of nights, I said my statement, kept my dream journal on the table next to my bed but I kept turning my head when I woke. Did I remember anything? Nope. But I had a much stronger sense that I had been dreaming.

Then I decided to keep my dream journal under my pillow. It’s a thin notebook so I can’t feel it. Worked like a charm. I remember multiple dreams. Well, I wake up during the night, record the dream, sleep, repeat. True story.


My dreams. Woah!! A brief summary of two night’s of dreams I’ve recalled.


  • Dreamed about how I was avoiding an old school friend. (I’m not really but I haven’t seen her in the past 5 months that I’ve been in SA)
  • I was an old Priestess and was being burnt but then I decided to fall on my spear. The words ‘dance to my own rhythm’ came to me.
  • I met up with someone for coffee and we spoke about everything that’s happening in my life. It was a short time and we covered so much.


  • Baby Girl walked into a pool of water and started gliding. I jumped in to rescue her but I’m not sure that she actually needed rescuing. I woke abruptly.
  • There’s another note in my journal that’s undecipherable. Guess that’s what happens when I write in the dark.
  • There was a dream that involved one of two brothers whom I dated a very long time ago. My best friend was also in the dream but that’s all I could recall.
  • I was picking fruit. The battery on Baby Girl’s watch died. Then my writing goes a bit strange.
  • I was running in a cropped top. My family was from India. I was getting fatter and wasn’t happy about that. I was going out and there were visitors waiting. I was making my dad’s tea.

There’s no rule that states dreams need to make sense! I’m happy to be dreaming and recalling them.

Thanks for reading x


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